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Guided tour of Fez old medina (from 2 to 5 hours)

3 to 5 hours

The old medina which dates back to the eighth century includes more than 300 neighbourhoods and 9000 lanes that create a labyrinth where only Fassi people can find their way. It is the biggest pedestrian urban area in the world. The whole medina is classified UNESCO world heritage and it is still organised in a medieval way.

Our tours by private car including up to 4 people maximum

Volubilis > Meknes > Moulay Idriss  

Day trip

The archeological site of Volubilis

UNESCO world orld heritage Volubilis was first a Berber antic city before becoming Roman, its ruins stand up on the Saiss plain on the shores of Rhoumane oued 3 km far from Moulay Idriss, 60 km from Fez and 30km from Meknes.


The mountain side small white town of Moulay Idriss

The name of the city could come from the latin word volubilis , it means « which moves in a  circle ». Its Berber name is Walīlī, Oualili, or Walīlā  it  designates the bindweed or the oleander flower that can be found in numbers by the oued shores.

Meknes, UNESCO world heritage imperial city

Founded in the 11th century by the Almoravides as a military basis, Meknes  became the capital city the reign of Moulay Ismail (1672-1727). The Hispano -Moorish style  historical city  is surrounded by high walls in which 9 monumental gates open. Its 25 mosques gave it the nickname of the city with the 100 minarets.

Other points of interest:  El Hedim square where you will find the entrance to the medina, is a real open-air theatre with its truculent merchants its fools and  traditional story-tellers. The imperial city is just opposite the famous square, there you can also see the covered market, the big mosque with its sculpted  porches.

Middle Atlas day trip

Immouzer > Ifrane >Azrou

Day trip

> Immouzer du Kandar

  • Immouzer du Kandar is famous for the low sodium content of Ain Soltane spring. It is a small town located 35km away from Fez, it is lined with many cafés and charcoaled simmered tajine restaurants. Wednesday sooq is particularly lively with mountain people coming to sell their freshly cropped products.

> Ifrane

  • Ifrane, also called the Moroccan Switzerland, is located 1650 m high. Outside its remarkable cleanliness, its green spaces and nearby Winter sports resort, Ifrane is also renown for its natural caves. Its region forms one of the biggest water reserves in Morocco. Points of interest: Vittel spring is famous for its pure water. It flows out of a rock at the bottom of a cliff lined with a poplar tree forest.

> Azrou

1 200 m high, Azrou is a small town which owes its name to a rocky peak (azrou means rock), its small medina is authentic and deserves a look around. Azrou is also famous for its grilled meat. The town is lined with a beautiful forest inhabited by maggot apes.

the blue pearl in the Rif mountains

Excursion to Chefchaouen

day trip

The road towards the North on the way from Fez to Chefchaouen is  lined with olive and orange tree orchards, we pass by donkeys ridden by hooded Riffians, we slow down to let the way to sheep herds, women wearing coloured clothes carry heavy weights, children walk or ride their donkey to school .

The 150 km-ride to the blue city lasts about three hours but your eye never gets bored.

Then after a bend, Chefchaouen appears in different shades of blue.

The medina houses which are decorated in pastel, bright, electric or washed-out blue is a true delight for the eyes. The small streets are adorned with multicoloured flower pots, jasmine fills the air with its fragrance, berber women come down from the surrounding mountains to install their meagre production on the ground between the craft shops.

Places of interest outside the medina: the traditional wash house that is still in operation, the small El Haouta square.

Excursion to Moulay Yacoub Therms

Fès and Moulay Yacoub

half day trip

20 km away from Fez Moulay Yacoub thermal resort is famous for the benefits of its spring sulphurous water that flows out from a 1500metre-depth at a 52°C temperature. It is an hyperthermal water, true sulphured sea water. Its water relieves from rheumatism, nose and throat diseases, skin illnesses and some gynecological problems.

Bhalil et Sefrou dans le Moyen Atlas

Sefrou and Bhalil

Day trip

About a 40 minute-drive from Fez, Bhalil is a small town sitting 1000 m high in Middle Atlas. Its troglodytes dwellings and colourful houses on the hill side owed it the nickname of ‘the Middle Atlas pearl’. Some women making djellabah buttons in the streets, donkeys, motorbikes, fragrances, trees all over the place, a wonderful view .

  • 22 km South of Fez ,Sefrou is famous for its waterfall, saint Sidi Ali Bousserghine, its cherry festival, cultural heritage and nature surrounding . There are plenty of places of interest in the old medina: walls, forts (borjs), historic gates, Jewish houses decorated with wooden balconies, zaouïas, mosques, bridges and fondouqs

Sidi Harazem spring and guided visit of Fassie pottery workshops

Fez Pottery and Sidi Harazem

Half day trip

  • 20 km from Fez Sidi Harazem thermal station has a 35°hot magnesium water . The  site is surrounded by eucalyptus, oleanders and palm trees, There are plenty of small tajine restaurants and cafés and small craft shops.
  • Fez traditional ceramic is unique and famous for its fine design. The different steps of the making process is explained (sculpture,hand drawing …), making process and cutting of the zelliges fabrication et taille des zelliges, to make it short, you will see behind the scenes !